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swedish / english summary

© Photo: Ewa Malmsten
THE REMMER MASK. Most of the patients currently treated by nasal mechanical ventilation use industrial continous positive airway pressure masks. But with increasing inspiratory pressure they tend to leak. Primarily into eyes, which frequently causes irritation. With increasing ventilation time they often produce local abrasions, predominantly on the ridge of the nose. With those problems in mind I began developing custom made nasal masks.

The first type of the REMMER MASK was released in 1988. Since then more than 800 patients has been equipped with the mask. Today several types of masks are in use. Which mask type one should chose depends on the patients diagnose and grade of handicap. CPAP mask for individual use is not easy to fabricate. We have combined a Healthdyne mask and a Remmer mask.. That construction seams to work but the number of patients wearing the hybrid construction is few. The concept of making individual ventilation devices can be applicated in other fields. Recently we have tried to find a solution for those who need long-term oxygen treatment and infants in CPAP.